Do Relocation Companies Negotiate? An Expert's Perspective

Relocation companies are third-party organizations hired by employers to make the relocation process easier for their employees. They can help with hiring movers, finding a rental home, and even selling the employee's old house. In some cases, the offer is negotiated verbally between the owner and the buyer, while in other cases, the relocation company is the main party in the sale negotiations. Real estate location companies are created to help with all stages of moving, especially if it's a long-distance move.

Many companies offer incentives to buy a home in their new city within a year of the move. Different relocation companies have different ways of working, but the core methodology remains more or less the same. Relo sales are sales managed by relocation companies rather than real estate agents or individual buyers and sellers. It is important to provide as complete a contract as possible to the listed agent so that they can send it to the relocation company.

This will help streamline the process and give the company more time to negotiate a sale or have a property to relocate future customers to. When working with RELO companies, agents are guaranteed a steady stream of buyers and pay a high referral fee to the RELO company. It is important to note that both the relocation company and the home offered for sale are often referred to as “relos”. Buyers should have a ready source of guarantee money that they can quickly send to the relocation company. Relocation sales don't necessarily translate into quick-sale prices, but buyers can count on the home being priced right for their market. The time it takes for a buyer to receive the contract signed by the relocation company depends on how complete the contract is when it is submitted for review and signature.

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