What Should a Reasonable Relocation Bonus Include?

When it comes to relocating for a job, companies should partner with a packaging service to do all the necessary packing and unpacking for their employees. This way, employees don't have to worry about the hassle of moving. Companies should also cover the cost of airfare and, if possible, the packing service. Additionally, they should reimburse child care costs and provide temporary housing for those who are transferring.

Having a general understanding of what to expect from a relocation package is essential for employees to negotiate freely or set their expectations accordingly. Offering options in relocation packages is an incentive for current and future employees to stay and pursue careers within a company. A great relocation management company can offer tips and best practices for defining tiered benefits that please employees, save employers money, and keep things simple. When extending a job offer to a candidate and beginning the relocation process, it's important to partner with a company that is an extension and reflection of your workplace.

If you are changing positions within your own company but to a different location, talk to your HR manager or relocation representative for clarification on what is available. A relocation package should include reimbursement for moving expenses, a paid moving company to transport belongings, insurance coverage for any damaged items, temporary housing, relocation bonds, and loss-on-sale protection if you plan to sell your home. By understanding what is reasonable in terms of a relocation bonus, both employers and employees can ensure that the relocation process is successful and stress-free.

Jackson Jeannette
Jackson Jeannette

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