What are relocated houses?

According to The Constructor, relocating a structure is the process of moving a structure from one place to another. There are mainly two ways in which this can be done. The first is to disassemble it and reassemble it in the new location. The second is to transport it as a whole unit.

With property prices more competitive than ever before, a relocatable home can be a very cost-effective way to gain a foothold on the property scale. Use these tips as a guide before starting a relocation project. Moving homes are conventional homes that were not originally designed for relocation, but can be relocated with specialized moving equipment and experience. Corporate relocation services often offer employee relocation assistance, including selling the employee's current residence, as well as purchasing a new home in the desired location.

Homes and buildings that are designed and built for relocation are generally referred to as transportable or relocatable and are generally constructed and relocated in relatively narrow sections (less than 4.5 m wide) that can be transported longer distances than moving houses using more conventional transportation. methods. There are companies that have extensive experience in the entire process, from obtaining the appropriate consents and reports, to moving and relocating on site. It is important to note that both the relocation company and the home offered for sale are often referred to as “relos”.

If you experience delays in council approval, some companies offer temporary storage of the house from the time it is erected until it is finally relocated.

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